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Contact Us

For general questions about the CTSI:

phone: 617.638.4542

To request our services, please click here to complete an application for consulting.

If you have questions about our consulting services, contact:

Bioinformatics: Avi Spira
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Clinical Informatics: Bill Adams
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Biostatistics: Howard Cabral
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Clinical Data Warehouse: Linda Rosen

Data Management: Christine Chaisson
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Regulatory Support & Education and Clinical Research Recruitment: Mary-Tara Roth

Training & Education: Nilsa Carrasquillo

eRA Commons Name

The eRA Commons is an online interface where signing officials, principal investigators, trainees and post-docs at institutions/organizations can access and share administrative information relating to research grants.  Signing Officials and Principal Investigators from applicant organizations do need an eRA Commons account, as do other people who may be assisting in the process of grant application submission.

Whether your research is grant funded or unfunded, if you receive CTSI services, we request you obtain an eRA commons ID so that our CTSI services supporting your research can be identified by our sponsor, NCATS, in our annual progress report.  Continued funding is dependent on identification of services.

If you do not have an eRA commons name, please call your respective grants management office at:

Boston University Medical Campus and Charles River Campus:
Kate Sokol
Business & Report Analyst
Research Operations, Systems, & Analytics
(617) 353-4365

*Please have the following information available or included in your email inquiry:

  • Full name
  • Campus and department
  • Campus email
  • Reason for registration/Role (e.g., PI, trainee)
  • If you have previously registered with eRA Commons

Boston Medical Center:
Ellen Jamieson
Director, Grants and Contracts
BMC Grants Administration Office

After providing some basic information, your account request will be processed and you will receive a direct email within 72 hours containing your eRA commons username.

More info on eRA commons registration 
Guidance to applicant about registering